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Water for healthy and active life

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Removes toxins
Removes toxins
Boosts immunity
Boosts immunity
Balanced composition
Balanced composition
Improves metabolism
Improves metabolism
Water for healthy and active life

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How do we get water?

horizon 65-120 м
with sand
with silt
Natural, from the depths of the Jurassic horizon
Unique water
from the depths of the Jurassic horizon!

Synthesizing the knowledge of geological and geophysical studies of the area, we managed to find the best artesian water in the Kyiv region. It was there, under layers of rocks at a depth of 335 m, that we found the unique water of the region. Thanks to layers with a diverse structure and composition, the water is protected from technogenic influence and has a unique taste.

The purity and taste of underground artesian water, which consists in the balance of vital elements, will always satisfy the energy and physiological needs of the human body.

Carefully preserved natural structure and composition
Contains natural trace elements and minerals


European-style plant according to standards

Food Safety System Certification
quality control during drinking water production
drinking water production technology
  • European-style plant designed by Italian specialists taking into account the location
  • Water is extracted from a unique artesian well with a depth of 335 m. This is the deepest well in the Kyiv region
  • Fully automated production process
  • The best Italian equipment in the world by the R.Bardi company. This is more than 70 years of experience in this field
artesian water production line
artesian water production process

About us

The "Skandinavia" company celebrated its 9th anniversary in 2022. Then, in 2013, a group of like-minded technologists set themselves the task of offering high-quality water to the market. With the standards of natural springs in mountanious Scandinavia in mind, they tried to recreate their chemical composition as close as possible. It took our technologists a long time to discover the ideal composition of water, inspired by the Scandinavian springs.

With the use of the modern European technologies and equipment made by the world-renowned companies, such as General Electric GE, Magnum, Clack, Wave Cyber, Park Structural Tanks and others, our technologists successfully recreated the constitution and quality of the melt water.

And for the past 9 years, water Skandinavia has been pleasing Kyiv area residents with its quality and taste. "Skandinavia's" team, in the nearest future, is planning the expansion to new markets in other cities.

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