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As for production, we are very demanding. All equipment installed at our enterprise is certified in Ukraine and guarantees 100% bacteriological and food safety of drinking water TM "Skandinavia". We use advanced modern technologies of well-known world brands, so the water treatment system guarantees the safety of water and the absence of a harmful spectrum of organics and heavy metals in it. At the same time, our cleaning method allows to preserve all the useful trace elements that are vital for the human body.

Unique water
Our water contains the optimal amount of trace elements and minerals laid down by nature, so necessary for daily use. Artesian water is extracted from the depths of the Jurassic horizon in its pristine state
The deepest well
We spent several years researching the area. They drilled the deepest well in the Kyiv region (335 m) and got the quality water of the region
European-style plant according to standards

The plant was designed by European specialists taking into account the location. It has passed FSSC 22000 international certification.

For us, the fundamental issue was the construction of a new plant directly above the well and according to the leading European standards. Water from the well enters the technological workshop of water preparation without any contact with extraneous external factors and without intermediate transportation

The best Italian equipment in the world

We are not going to skimp on quality, so we chose the world's best water filling and bottling equipment from the Italian company R.Bardi.

The R.Bardi company is more than 70 years of experience in this field

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