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Electric pump ViO E3

Article: ХЗ-00000434
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The electric water pump is made of durable and high-quality material - plastic. It is an environmentally friendly tested material. It is also absolutely safe for human health. Does not affect the taste of water.

If you want more practicality and uniqueness in everyday things, we suggest you pay attention to the E3 electric pump. This is a modern pump, which aims to further automate the process of pouring water from bottles. The electric pump E3 is shaped as a stand and is easily installed on the bottle cap (the inner cork must first be pushed through). The main feature of this electric pump model is that there is no need to hold the water tank itself. Feel free to put the kettle or glass on the tray and press the button to pour water. To stop the water, press the button again. The E3 stand pump is securely fixed to the bottle and ensures maximum sealing.

(Check price and availability with the operator)
Type water pump
Quantity 1 unit
Color white
Faucet push type button press
Material plastic
Charging time 3 hours
Continuous work time 60 min
Класифікація Обладнання
Faucet yes
Bottle fixing yes
Surface color white
For bottles 18,9 L
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