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Article: ХЗ-00000269
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An electric kettle is an indispensable attribute in any kitchen: both at home and in the office.

It boils water quickly and doesn't take up much space. The electric kettle is made of stainless food steel, so that the prepared hot drinks do not taste like plastic. The volume of the electric kettle is 1.8 liters, which is quite enough for family tea parties.

The electric kettle is equipped with the Boil dry function - protection against "dry boiling".

If the kettle was turned on without water or at a critical minimum level, it will automatically turn off. The kettle must then cool completely before boiling water again. Operating rules:

- Do not fill the kettle with water when it is on the stand;
- Do not open the kettle lid during or immediately after boiling;
- Follow the scale of the water level marks while filling the kettle.

Important: when using the kettle for the first time, boil the water and pour it out several times.

Type Kettle
Quantity 1 unit
Type Electro
Brand Vio
Purpose For water filling
Classification Equipment
Case color Metal
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